Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents bring spectacular style to weddings, corporate events, product launches, private functions, parties, etc. Endlessly adaptable, our stretch tents can be erected in almost any location to suit any occasion. They meet all tent hire requirements and are the perfect marquee hire choice. Whether on sports fields, in gardens or galleries,  Stretch Tents transform ordinary locations into dream venues.

The unique shape, look and character of stretch tents makes them extremely effective in exposing a product brand or event. They can be erected almost anywhere with no specialised transport or large set-up teams – making them easy to use.

Compared to market equivalents (marquees), erection times are halved – they can be erected within minutes of arriving on site.

Our passion and commitment to delivering the finest quality stretch tents – backed by outstanding service and the highest rigging standards – will ensure that your event is both stylish and safe at all times.

  • Adaptive
  • Fast set-up
  • Stylish